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First Goal & Purpose is to Experience Joy

Goals and Purposes in Sport:

The first goal and purpose for me as a coach is to create experiences for youth athletes that are enjoyable and fun. Sports are made first and foremost to be fun. Through the demands of exercise for sport alone we can enjoy our bodies, enjoy time with friends and others, and enjoy God's Gifts in His Creation... Work and play can and should co-exist; usually the best work comes from a balance of the two. So, sports should engage youth athletes with physical challenges that are enjoyable, especially since training and competitions are experiences that invoke the natural “happy” energy released from endorphins. For example, our training sessions are strategically and scientifically designed to warm up bodies to release endorphins from the beginning, then into dynamic stretching and mobility exercises in which they can engage with others creating conversation and enhancing the enjoyment of the session. Through the process of sport, are continuous opportunities to experience accountability, accomplishment, and affirmation with and/or from others. This is a proactive plan in developing schedules and preparing youth athletes for training sessions and competitions. As we Work & Play through the Process of pursuing our best, regardless of the level of progression, there is opportunity to grow in RESILIENCE: Trusting the Plan, and GRIT: Experience the Joy in Sport that comes from the rush of pushing our bodies to our potential.

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