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Haley Mouser - Pawhuska High School

Class of 2016 - 5'4" 115lbs

Best HIGH JUMP Performances:
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5'8" 1.72m
2015 Great Southwest Outdoor Track & Field Classic
National High Jump Champion

University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM


5'8" 1.73m
2015 OTCA Oklahoma Meet of Champions
High Jump Champion
Moore High School, Moore, OK


5'7.75" 1.72m
2014 New Balance Outdoor National Championships

Championship Division
UNC A&T, Greensboro, NC


5'6" 1.67m
2015 OSSAA 3A State Championships
High Jump State Champion
Moore High School, Moore, OK

5'6" 1.67m
2015 OSSAA 3A Region Championships
High Jump Region Champion
Chisholm High School, Chisholm, OK

5'6" 1.67m
2015 Vinita Invitational
Vinita High School, Vinita, OK


5'6" 1.67m
2015 Stroud Tiger Track Classic
Stroud High School, Stroud, OK


5'6" 1.67m
2014 39th Annual Great Southwest Track & Field Classic
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM


5'6" 1.67m
2014 Big 8 Conference Championships
Pawhuska High School, Pawhuska, OK


Sports Participated in and Honors Received:

Soccer: 11 years

Defensive player of the year 2011-12

4a high school soccer 2nd round play offs 2014

Basketball: 2 years
Track & Field: 5 years
2013 OSSAA Oklahoma 4A All-State Honors: 4th Place High Jump 5'2"

2013 OSSAA Meet of Champions: 3rd Place High Jump 5'4"

2014 Bristow Invitational Champion: 1st Place High Jump 5'4"

2014 OSSAA Oklahoma 4A All-State Honors: 3rd Place High Jump 5'2"

2014 OSSAA Oklahoma 3A All-State Honors: 5th Place 4x400m Relay

2014 OSSAA Meet of Champions: 3rd Place High Jump 5'4"

2014 39th Annual Great Southwest Classis All-American: 3rd Place High Jump 5'6" 1.67m

2014 New Balance Outdoor Nationals All-American: 6th Place High Jump 5'7.75" 1.72m

2015 OSSAA Oklahoma 3A State Champion: 1st Place High Jump 5'6"
2015 OSSAA Oklahoma 3A All-State Honors: 4th Place 4x400m Relay

2015 OTCA Oklahoma Meet of Champions Champion: 1st Place High Jump 5'8" 1.73m

2015 40th Annual Great Southwest Classic National Champion: 1st Place High Jump 5'8" 1.72m
2015 USATF Hershey's Youth Outdoor Championships All-American: 5th Place HJ 5'3" 1.60m



GPA - ACT Score - Class Ranking:

3.8 GPA

College Majors interested in studying:
Athletic Trainer

History Teacher (World History) and Athletics Coach
Criminal Justice

Personal Story of overcoming adversity, including lessons learned and character gained through the experience...
"Learning to overcome the mental and physical barriers of having a clubfoot is challenging, but learning how to work out the unused muscles help make everything seem more in reach. Struggling with gaining muscle mass on my clubfoot leg has brought me to every goal I have imagined of reaching so far. I had to learn that different is not something to hold you back, it helps drive you to be the best. Overcoming the difference in my legs has made me a better athlete and competitor over the years."

Express what you hope to do with an opportunity to be a scholarship-student-athlete.  What you hope to give a team and accomplish in college as we'll as what you hope to do with your education and how that big step of completing a degree will lead toward your long term goals...
"All dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them" - Walt Disney.

"I dream of going to the Olympics for high jumping, and  being a trainer/coach. I would bring a unique way of believing in the team, I will always strive to be better and improve both me and the team. With a team behind me to support me I would become a more confident student-athlete. Staying dedicated to both my studies and to my sport, to remain growing in both my field of studies and my athletic career.


Learning to be a part of a team helps you learn responsibilities and teaches you how to efficiently and effectively work with others. Having a student-athlete scholarship would help me reach my goals in the long run. It would help me become closer to going to the Olympics, and becoming an athletic trainer/coach for others. "Let everything you say be good an helpful so that your words will be an encouragement to those who here them" - Ephesians 4:29."

Coach Hudgens bio and insights on Haley Mouser...

"As a coach I simply hope to support, encourage, and guide young people toward their potential.  In Haley's case, she has exceeded her potential since the day I met her.  There is a beautiful mystery of growth that happens through life's challenges.  In Haley's life she has overcome much physically and excelled mentally to a mind-set that inspires me. 

Simply put, Haley is consistent, disciplined, focused, and immeasurably determined.  Her ability to High Jump is a reflection of her will to overcome and constantly raise the bar.  I'm genuinely humbled and honored to be a part of her journey in sport and life.  She has taught me to trust the desires of her heart, because if she believes it she will achieve it. 

Her training is obviously specialized toward her unique body, as all training should be for each student-athlete.  The more that we have worked together the better we are understanding the mystery of her body and how to develop it.  Her coachability has been so natural, and more than that is her ability to kinesthetically apply what she is learning. 

Within few practices Haley goes from unconscious-incompetence through the process of conscious-competence, and furthermore excells to unconscious-competence which is executing a technical detail without even thinking about it.  Looking at the videos of her high jumping you can see how smooth she is from approach to take-off and through her form over the bar.  She makes it look so natural, but trust me, she works for it.

Having a consistent progression throughout high school she is fully enjoying the process and embracing those along the journey.  I'm truly inspired by her courage to reach so high, and her courage has impacted the Personal Best Athletics Club as well. 

You can't help but love her sweet smile and giggling personality.  Underneath that she has a unique ability to embrace extreme odds with a calm slow-to-speak and patient demeanor.  Even though she is from a small town in Oklahoma her adventurous self thrives on the big national championship scene.  Most of all I'm overjoyed by her grattitude and appreciation of those that support her, espeically the officials who can't help but cheer for short-statured High Jumper that embodies the Olympic Creed - Faster, Higher, Stronger - most of all HIGHER!!!

2014 Bristow HS Invitational - 5'4"

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Haley's High Jump Highlight Video - 2014

Haley's First PBA Practice - Summer 2012 - 5'0"

2015 Great Southwest Classic National Champion - 5'8"

2015 OTCA Oklahoma Meet of Champions - 5'8"

2014 New Balance Outdoor Nationals

5'7.75" - 6th Place

2014 Great Southwest Classic - 5'6" First Attempt

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