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Athlete Information Forms


Any athlete interested in becoming a member of Personal Best Athletics is required to fill out the Online Athlete Information Form and the Athlete Release Permit, and Emergency Care Release Form:

            1. Fill out the online survey on the left.

            2. Download PDF on the right, fill out and sign manually. Turn them into PBA.

Training Resources


Athletes looking for online material to help educate or supplement their current workout regimens and diets have access to a wealth of helpful Training Resources on our website. Whether it's finding the right workout to match one's body type, or the right nutrition plan to fuel the committed athlete, our Training Resources can help take an athlete to the next level.

Personal Best Athletics Videos


Highlights from various PBA athletes from over the years.  Watch current and former athletes train, compete, and inspire as they "Run with Purpose".  Viewing these videos will give you a glimpse of our perspective that "Run and Fun, they rhyme!"  Also, get to know the diversity of athletes and events that PBA has been so honored to support, encourage, and develop over the years.  Everyone has their story, and PBA is grateful to be apart each members journey!

AdvoCare Nutrition


Training as an elite athlete requires recovery.  Working hard plus recovery is the most progressive way to reach our personal best.  Recovery comes through Sleep and Nutrition.  The right diet needs a game plan just like our training plan. The plan requires forethought, trial and error, and willingness to change - just like our sport. Our diet will never be perfect, but if foods are not reaching our energy demands we must find safe and effective suppliments.  Check out AdvoCare...

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