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Get to know some of the people that make Personal Best Athletics successful!

Coach Eric Hudgens

Founder/Head Coach, Personal Best Athletics

Eric Hudgens found running to be the ultimate preparation, teacher, and metaphor for life.

       From a young age, he loved to be outdoors, moving and active, and that love has only increased over time, fueling his passion for molding the raw talent of young athletes into a competitive shape. 

     Eric created PBA in 2007, a few years after he graduated college. His desire, more than anything, is to help young athletes grow into champions, both on the field and in their personal lives. Mixing strong doses of positivity, perseverance, and practicality into his workouts, Eric walks alongside athletes as they mature, shaping their athletic potential on the field while coaching them through the difficulties of life off the field.



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Athlete Spotlight: John Smith

2012 ASPC National Champion Pole Vault

     John is the best!!! (etc...)



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