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Kendall Stieben - Bixby High School

Class of 2020 - 5'5" 115lbs

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GPA - ACT Score - Class Ranking:


24 ACT

College Majors interested in studying:
Pre Medicine
Physical Therapy
Sports Science

Personal Story of overcoming adversity, including lessons learned and character gained through the experience...
"I made it to track state in the 1600 and the 3200 my Freshman year. I was beyond nervous and kept rerunning the 3200 in my head. It was finally race time. I ran the race and ended up getting last. It was the most embarrassing thing in my life at the time. I knew I had to let that race go but it was so hard not to think about it. I had to mentally get over this fast. Luckily by the next morning I was fine and ready to get the 1600 started. I overcame what happened the day before and got 10th in the 1600. I learned that you cant hold onto things that happened in the past if you want to achieve in the future. Even the best of the best have bad days its just that they have overcome the past and have moved onto the future. If you can do that you can do anything."

Express what you hope to do with an opportunity to be a scholarship-student-athlete.  What you hope to give a team and accomplish in college as we'll as what you hope to do with your education and how that big step of completing a degree will lead toward your long term goals...
"I am very determined to become a scholarship-student-athlete. Running for a school on a scholarship has been a dream of mine since the 6th grade. Being a part of a team is an amazing thing. I love getting to see other people aspire along with myself. A team is a family. You cant get far in life without family. Whether they are blood related or not. I hope to one day become a sports medicine orthopedic surgeon."

Coach Hudgens bio and insights on Ashley Barnes...

"I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Ashley's journey in running and life which started the summer after her 8th grade year.  In a word, Ashley is a SAINT, and her family is phenomenal.  Her character and drive for experiencing her personal best come from a pure place in her heart to truly become all that God has created her to be.  Her faith leads and guides her to make the healthiest of choices and is what she relies on for strength, peace, and love.  In her family she is the oldest and the most relied upon.  This was quickly noticable as she has been a leader since the first day she started with Personal Best Athletics especially through mentoring and inspiring the younger girls in the club.  But even her peers admire and learn from her example in running and life. 

Genuinely, I'm honored to be one of her many great coaches and because of her willingness to learn new practices and absorb the best from all that cross her path she has overcome much and been consistenly successful in accomplishing her goals.  Her journey has been a learning experience for both of us, I am very proud of who Ashley is and esctatic about what she is working towards."

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