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Best Performances (Click for Link to Official Results):


5:59 - May 23rd, 2020 - PBA Time Trial 

6:25.14 - April 27th, 2019 - OSSAA 1A-2A Track & Field Regional Championship - 4th Place 

6:32.71 - April 26th, 2019 - Dewey High School Track Meet - 7th Place



13:24.18 - October 19th, 2019 - OSSAA 2A XC Regionals - 2nd Place

13:25.03 - October 26th, 2019 - OSSAA 2A XC State Championship - 13th Place 

13:51.80 - April 27th, 2019 - OSSAA 1A-2A Track & Field Regional - 2nd Place 



21:06 - October 12th, 2019 - Edison High School XC Invitational - 1st Overall Female 

21:52 - December 31st, 2019 - Race into the New Year 5k - 1st in Age Group

22:23 - December 12th, 2019 - Rudolph Run 5k - 3rd Overall Female - 1st in Age Group

22:40 - July 25th, 2019 - Bedlam Run 5k - 3rd Overall Female - 1st in Age Group

Sports Participated in and Honors Received:

Basketball: 5th grade - Present 

Gymnastics: 3yrs-4th grade 

Volleyball: 5th-7th grade

Softball: 5th-8th grade 

All-Star (Club) Cheer: 8th grade

School Cheer: 7th grade - Present

Trap shooting: 7th grade - Present

Track: 6th grade - Present

Cross Country: started 9th grade 

Tennis: 9th grade



*2019 Class A Girls Basketball Academic State Champions

*2020 Class B Girls Basketball Academic State Champions

*2020 Class B Girls Basketball District Champions

*2020 WCS Winter Classic All-Tournament Team

*Track Team Captain sophomore year

*2019 Class 1A State 3200m state qualifier 

*2019 2nd place Track Regionals 3200m

*2019 4th place Track Regionals 1600m

*2019 Cross Country Class 2A State 13th place

*2019 2nd place Cross Country Regionals

*Cross Country Co-Captain Freshman & Sophomore year



*2020 Kiwanis Sophomore of the Year Award

*Individual class top grade award (Algebra 2, Bible, Government, Oklahoma History, Honors Biology, Honors English, Foreign Language) Sophomore Year


*2019-2020 Student coach for JH cheer team

*9th Grade - Yearbook Leadership Team

*7th-9th Grade - Student Council officer  

*NJHS member 9th grade year

*NHS member beginning 10th grade


GPA - ACT Score - Class Ranking:


Pre ACT - 26

Pre SAT - 1100

#1 in my class

College Majors interested in studying:

Criminal Justice

Personal Story of overcoming adversity, including lessons learned and character gained through the experience...

A disadvantage of going to a small school is the lack of a track to train on. Many of my competitors have a facility to train in and, unfortunately, I’ve never had that luxury. Although this can be a challenge, my coaches come up with different creative ways for us to train. The lack of a track has never stopped my team from working hard, even if our practice looks different from a typical track program.

Express what you hope to do with an opportunity to be a scholarship-student-athlete.  What you hope to give a team and accomplish in college as we'll as what you hope to do with your education and how that big step of completing a degree will lead toward your long term goals...

If given the opportunity to be a scholarship student athlete, I would be most excited to continue my running career after high school and to improve at a higher level of competition. Another aspect of college-level competition I would really look forward to is traveling to other colleges for competitions. I love the idea of seeing different parts of the country with my teammates.  My hope is to better my teams’ chances at winning, to be a good and encouraging teammate, and to become a friend to new people.  A goal of mine would be to PR each season in college. The end goal of my education, however, is to graduate with a criminal justice degree (and possibly a masters) then eventually work for the U.S. Marshals Service.


Coach Hudgens bio and insights on Mackenzie Hendrix...

Kenzie is a consistent presence of choosing "Today is a Good Day".   is an exceptionally talented runner, but the most precious thing about her is the consistent kindness, compassion, and contagious smile she so graciously shares at an elite level.  Her presence is powerfully impactful in races, as she’s usually leading at a fast pace, but also her presence is powerfully influential as encouragement to the running community with happiness and authentic joy for running.  Unique to Peyton’s talent in running is exposure to winning and progressing rapidly.  That’s what talent is - a rapid progression at a skill or ability that is comparatively exceptional.  There’s great pressure that comes from great performances, and that’s the special journey we get to share with Peyton, growing through her journey with peace and purpose in the steps she takes.  In the midst of running so fast, we’re able to slow down the process and provide space to enjoy the gratitudes in her running and process the growth opportunities her experiences are providing.  Her emotional management and mindset toward competitions has matured to as much of an elite level as her running.  It’s exciting to trust that as her physical prowess improves she’ll have the mental and emotional resources to enjoy those gifts at optimal levels.  Praise God for Petyon’s intrinsic excitement to run a lot and to race at fast paces.  Thankfully her passion for running is pure like her compassion for others.

Kenzie Hendrix - Wesleyan Christian School

Class of 2022 - 5'3"

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